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Praise and Worship music

Vineyard Music Extra!

The fanzine of Vineyard praise and worship music around the globe.

This page introduces you to all the features offered at Vineyard Music Extra!, the fanzine of Vineyard praise and worship music around the world. Click on any of the links below to go to the information you are looking for. We have kept this page deliberately plain to ensure that the search engines get the correct information about this site.

Vineyard Music Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to recording and promoting authentic praise and worship music, where the focus is not on the recording artists, but rather on God Almighty, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the person of the Holy Spirit. It is only when we lift our eyes above ourselves, and focus on the true source of life, liberty and happiness, that we can truly worship God.

 Audio Apartheid Extended to Botswana.
 Santa's Car Spotted in Parking Garage.
 Down with DRM!
 Audio Apartheid.
 Aleit Park Fence Fixed.
 Hilarious Cockroaches.
 702 Starts Podcasting.
 'Bad fats' ban in NYC restaurants.
 Finally! A number to call for iTunes support.
 Aleit Park gets its grass cut.
 Windows Vista Capable? NOT!
 Sanlam needs a dose of Reality BEFORE they give out my personal contact details.

 Dr. Phil's Top Ten Signs Your Family Is Nuts.
 City Parks Hard at Work.
 Prominent Johanesburg Lawyer Reads My Blog.
 Tree Inspection Time.
 Trans Fat Food Nightmare.
 Fallen Tree Makes a Home.
 Gay Marriage is Weird.
 DiscoveryCard gives out confidential information to AutoPage.
 Step Up: dance and live!.
 Baghdad's Missing Billions.
 Donald Rumsfeld: Good Riddance to Incomprehensible Rubbish.
 Home Loan Nightmare.
 There's a Bug in my Apple.
 There Ought to be a Law Against this Kind of Behaviour.

 The Faces of SPAM?
 MTN's Marketing Incompetence.
 PerfectDisk: another before and after real-world example.
 SA Cabinet vows to counter crime.
 DVD Santa: is it just a ripoff? The jury is still out.
 VISA wants you to have popups.
 The Super Cyclone Blower that Extracts.
 Use FileTouch utility to change file dates and times in batch files.
 Anti-Telemarketing Counterscript.
 Remote Control with LogMeIn.
 Backups with SyncToy.
 DVDs and the Law of Unintended Consequences.
 Keep your cool while using your notebook.
 TrueCrypt shortcuts that saves time and keeps files safe.
 The Refund Dance begins.
 The Citizen gets it.
 US Military reaches new levels of stupidity.
 Fax to Email from M-Web is completely unreliable.
 The View from the Balcony.
 Our Piece of the Globe.
 An Otterbox of Swimmers.

 Speed-Link PDR3 Digital Voice Recorder.
 The Newletters from Hell continue unabated.
 Thermaltake Mobile Fan is really cool.
 Legend bent out of shape.
 Antec Super Cyclone Blower. If only it actually worked.
 WWWonderful Apache.
 Doing the Ubuntu Samba.
 The Great Ubuntu Linux Adventure Begins.
 ThinkPad G40 gets a new keyboard design.
 The Problem With Music.
 Digital Planet and the Newsletter from Hell.
 Conference Sound.
 Safe XP aims to keep windows clean.
 PDF printer that actually works.
 It's time to take action and report bad driving.
 Vineyard Leadership Conference.
 Giant Jumping Castle.
 Get Disk Cleanup to work faster.
 Windows Vista Wallpaper with a dash of uBuntu.
 IBM redefines 96 hours.
 PlaySound.exe replaces Beep.exe.

 Neotel gets only one chance.
 How do I find out who gives my details away???
 Russian-born painter Tretchikoff dies in South Africa.
 MTNSP: Marketing Gone Mad.
 SurfSpeed: The Numbers are in on Telkom's ADSL speeds.
 Converting Audible .aa files to MP3 format.
 ThinkPads Hit the Fan.
 MTN sends SMS spam and breaks the law.
 Creative MuVo TX FM broken.
 Privacy Debacle Hall of Fame.
 It's a Broken Machine.
 2049366339213 doesn't happen for me, Nedbank.
 My sad ThinkPad story.
 Shawn Hogan, Hero.
 Hit back at SMS Spammers.
 Even Mbeki can’t Tame the Sultans of Bling.
 The Best Broadband?
 New Airline Safety Procedures.
 Detecting, Analyzing, and Exploiting Intranet Applications using JavaScript.
 It's the Wrong Thing To Do!

 PerfectDisk to the Rescue.
 Contig Saves the Day.
 What Happed to the "Mad" Guy?
 The Internet is "a series of tubes".
 Data Mover gets an IQ upgrade.
 Why I Uninstalled Diskeeper.
 Zippy Improved.
 My Baby Just Cares For Me.
 Minor Software Updates.
 FNB Loses the Plot Again.
 Get Lost, FNB!
 The Zuma Legacy.
 Hogarth sues Jacob Zuma for R7.2bn.
 Jon Qwelane sells out in support of Jacob Zuma.
 Zuma Shows Support for Freedom of the Press.
 Ananzi 0, Google 2.
 Automatic Annoyances.
 Bizwebs Loses the Plot.
 Let Them Eat ePap.
 OpenAccess development under way.
 Many-to-many Relationships in Database Design.

 Telkom worse than a nuclear attack?
 Drop Dead, Marketing!
 Less is More.
 Microsoft Fixes 12 Security Flaws, Leaves Windows 98 Users in the Lurch.
 Boycott BP and Shell.
 DataMover tackles an INNER JOIN across the Internet.
 Black Frog Taking Over For Blue Security.

 R 1 007 600.
 Stitching Photos Together.
 Okopipi - open source Blue Security equivalent now has official wiki.
 BlueSecurity Gives in, spammers don't stop there.
 Blue Security Throws in the Towel - Spammers Win!
 Signs You're a Crappy Programmer (and don't know it).
 A Message from Jim Dale.
 Pick 'n Pay Go Slow.
 See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.
 Blue Security Servers Attacked.

 Nigel Carman: Lawyer Extraordinaire.
 Do You Know Who I Am?
 Windows 98 gets its Expiry Date.
 Hetzner Saves Me a Fortune!
 War with Iran being planned.
 Rediscover the Magic of Books.
 Stratospheric Bandwidth Prices.
 Hunter Killer Bug Fix.
 When "delete" is not enough.
 I Will Survive.
 Great South African Lies and Myths.
 Best News Podcasts.
 Discovery Cartoon.
 Zapiro on Zuma.
 DataPro invests R4.5 million in hosting operations.

 US debt clock running out of time, space.
 Never Admit You're Wrong.
 Champagne Castle Hotel Noise Pollution.
 Writing for Busy People.
 Ultra-Secure Passwords are just a URL away...
 Open Access up and running.
 DataPro wants to charge me Telkom prices.
 RIAA p2p file share defeat.
 Hunter-Killer is back!
 Classic Australian Cricket Joke and Commentary.
 Is it an Urban Legend?
 The Foobar Snafu.
 Microsoft Says “Open Office is Just Fine”.
 The Microsoft Dinosaur.
 Programming for Power Failures.
 Cheney and Zuma.
 South Africa win the greatest match of all.
 The End of my AppleScript Lines.
 Tshwane Shows the Broadband Way.
 Google Gives Out Gmail Addresses for Free.
 Loser's Lurgy: Part 4.
 SA power to greatest win over Australia.
 Loser's Lurgy: Part 3.
 Zapiro is Electrifying.
 Loser's Lurgy: Part 2.
 Creative MuVo TX FM.
 Loser's Lurgy: Part 1.
 Zapiro is brilliant!
 Telkom's Greedy Incompetence.
 Computicket Gets It Right.
 CopyMail: Send files to mailboxes from the command line.

 The Measure of a Man.
 TIME: Life in the Googleplex (Photo Essay).
 Encrypting Your Communication Means You Must Be a Criminal.
 Sony BMG demotes CEO after DRM scandal.
 Discovery Blunders Again.
 A Letter from Sony BMG.
 The Top Ten Hybrid Myths.
 Pandora Offers Hope Once More.
 11 Things To Do After A Hack.
 Spam Reporting Tool for Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail.
 Microsoft Loses the Plot.
 Microsoft's Backdoor Spin.
 Windows Errors that should be reworded.
 Security expert Steve Gibson claims WMF exploit is a deliberate backdoor.
 Simple Sudoku.
 'Reckless' bus driver quits before hearing.
 Linux is Not Windows.
 Terror ride as bus driver cuddled.

 Joining the Union.
 Slyck Interviews the MPAA.
 File Sharing Dangers.
 RIAA bans telling friends about new songs.
 What to do about Discovery.
 A medical doctor’s opinion of Discovery medical aid.
 Web word processor adds PDF conversion.
 Internet encyclopaedias go head to head.
 The Memory-Optimization Hoax.
 Inmarsat Flips the Switch on First High-Speed Data Satellite.
 RIAA Sued for Hacking.
 Make remote shutdowns a cinch.
 Hamachi: Stay Connected.
 Ed gets it wrong, again!
 Africa@home tackles Malaria.
 Audio Book Publishers Battle for iPod Profits.
 Hey Crackhead.
 Blue Security Spams Spammers.
 Study: Most PC Users Are Idiots.
 World Without Waste: San Francisco.
 World Without Waste: Manila.
 World Without Waste: Japan.
 World Without Waste: China.
 Museum to unveil gun sculpture.
 Sentech accused of bungling GautengOnline.
 New Sony CD security risk found.
 ASA rules against Sentech’s MyWireless Flexi Ad.
 Online project on skids.
 Extreme File Sharing.
 Leo Laporte Bogus Web Site.
 Credence: Thwarting P2P Pollution.
 File not found; Flaw not found.
 Legal weight of IP addresses and files in P2P networks.
 Sony rootkit author asked for free code to lock up music.
 Mark Russinovich of Sysinternals will be an expert witness against Sony.
 LimeWire Security Hole Exposed and Remedied.
 Sony Caught Using ‘Fake’ Graffiti to Promote PSP.
 Abort, Retry, Fail.
 Go Ahead, Hack My LimeWire.
 LimeWire: FAQ on Security.
 Harry Potter and the Digital Divide.
 Sony BMG faces the music.

 Sony Sued for Shipping CDs with Malware.
 Limewire has no Spyware.
 Worst Corporate Video Ever?
 WFAA News Story: Flaws Exposed.
 Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.
 Limewire File sharing program exposes hard drives.
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