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If you need to find the catalogue code for a particular Vineyard product item, here is the complete set of product codes. Items shown in italics are probably not available from Vineyard Music Africa, but may be available from Vineyard Music Group in Anaheim or from the VCF Greeley bookstore. Check out the ordering page for further information

Vineyard Music Group Product Codes

  CD Cassette Songbook SplitTrax TraxCD
 Touching the Father’s Heart Series
1. Unto The King D007 C011      
2. Holy And Anointed One D005 C009      
3. We Exalt Your Name D006 C010      
4. Holiness Unto The Lord D003 C005   C006  
5. King of Saints D004 C007   C008  
6. Fire of God D002 C003   C004  
7. Hear Our Cry D001 C001   C002  
8. We Behold You D008 C012   C067  
9. Take Our Lives D018 C024   C068  
10. Save Us Oh God D028 C043   C069  
11. I Bow Down D029 C046   C070  
12. Throne of Grace D039 C057   C071  
13. Devoted to You D042 C061   C072  
14. Send Your Spirit D047 C066 O117B C073  
15. Seek Righteousness D058 C083 O106 C089  
16. Great is Your Mercy D076 C104 O109 C105  
17. Glory And Honour D077 C106 O110 C107  
18. Light the Fire Again D087 C118 O111 C119  
19. Everlasting Grace D094 C126 O113 C130  
20. The River is Here D099 C132 O115 C137  
21. Spirit of the Sovereign Lord D103 C138 O116 C139  
22. Hallelujah Glory D107 C144 O117 C145  
23. Before You Now D109 C148 O118 C149  
24. Blessed Be the Name D115 C156 O120 C157  
25. For Your Mercy D134 C179 O126 C180  
26. Faithful Father D140 C187 O128 C188  
27. Holy is the Lord D146 C201 O130 C202  
28. Jesus Lead On D160 C217 O134 C218  
29. I Will Lift My Hands D161 C219 O135 C220  
30. Receive Our Praise D166 C226 O138 C227  
31. You Are God D167 C229 O141 C230 D172
32. I Love Loving You D175 C236 O143 C237  
33. You Are In Control          
TFH “Sneak Preview” CD D179        
  Combination Albums
1/2. Unto The King/Holy And Anointed One D120 C163      
3/4. We Exalt Your Name/Holiness Unto The Lord D121 C164      
5/6. King of Saints/Fire of God D122 C165      
7/8. Hear Our Cry/We Behold You D123 C166      
9/10. Take Our Lives/Save Us Oh God D124 C167      
11/12. I Bow Down/Throne of Grace D125 C169      
13/14. Devoted to You/Send Your Spirit D126 C170      
15/16. Seek Righteousness/Great is Your Mercy D127 C171      

  CD Cassette Songbook SplitTrax TraxCD
 Winds of Worship Series
1. Winds of Worship D100 C133 O124    
2. Winds of Worship D101 C134 O124    
3. Live from Toronto, Canada D106 C142 O125    
4. Live from Brighton, England D108 C147 O125    
5. Live from Arnhem, Holland D133 C178 O132    
6. Live from Southern California D143 C192 O132    
7. Live from Brownsville D149 C206 O133    
8. Live from Langley, B.C. Canada D162 C222      
9. Live from Stockholm, Sweden D169 C232      
10. Live from New England D180 C240      

  CD Cassette Songbook SplitTrax TraxCD
  Acoustic Worship Series
1. Isn’t He D113 C154 O123    
2. Eternity D114 C155 O123    
3. You Are the Mighty King D139 C186 O131    
4. Spirit Song D148 C204 O131    
5. I Believe In Jesus D163 C223      
6. Glory D173 C234      

  CD Cassette Songbook SplitTrax TraxCD
  Vineyard Cafe
1. Shelter D168 C231      
2. Mercy D174 C235      
Worship Resource Centre WNC WNC      
Vineyard Music Club TND TNC      

  CD Cassette Songbook SplitTrax TraxCD
  Solo and Series albums
1. Best Loved Songs of the Vineyard D086 C117      
2. Best Loved Songs of the Vineyard D097 C129      
Resurrection Celebration D085 C116      
Celebration: Praise To The Holy One D061 C086 O107 C088  
1. Change My Heart Oh God D132 C177 O136    
2. Change My Heart Oh God D164 C224      
1. Classical Vineyard D031 C048      
2. Classical Vineyard D065 C092      
Songs of the Great Commission D178        
Contemporary Hymns and Classic Choruses D092 C124 O112    
1. Instrumental: Tender Mercy D024 C031      
2. Instrumental: Closer To Thee D023 C030      
3. Instrumental: Faithful One D022 C029      
4. Instrumental: Desire Only You D033 C050      
1. Psalms D048 C074      
2. Psalms D068 C096      
3. Psalms D093 C125      
4. Psalms D104 C140      
Songs of Renewal D142 C191      
1. Vineyard Collection D026 C033      
2. Vineyard Collection D016 C022      
3. Vineyard Collection D049 C075      
A Christmas Celebration D096 C128   C136  
A Vineyard Christmas D020 C026      

  CD Cassette Songbook SplitTrax TraxCD
  Songbook Volumes
Songbook Vol 1     O001    
Songbook Vol 2     O002    
Songbook Vol 3     O014    
Songbook Vol 4     O015    
Songbook Vol 5     O016    
Songbook Vol 6     O017    
Songbook Vol 7     O019    
Songbook Vol 8     O140    

  CD Cassette Songbook SplitTrax TraxCD
  Kids’ Worship
Gotta Get Closer   C034 O005 C038  
Church Party   C035   C039  
Never Gonna Stop   C036   C040  
Stop, Look & Listen   C044   C045  
I Want 2 Be Like Jesus D112 C146 O121 C153  
A Brand New Thing BD03 BC03      
Change My Heart Oh God: For Kids          
1. Come and Worship     LSB01    
2. Come and Worship     LSB02    
Kingdom Kids Worship Songbook     LSB03    
I Love You Lord     TL01    
Give Me Your Heart, Lord     TL05    
Heart To Heart     TL06    
The Holy Spirit Is My Friend     TL07    
I Belong To Jesus     TL11    

  CD Cassette Songbook SplitTrax TraxCD
  Artists and Groups
Brian Doerksen: Father’s House LD04 LC04 LS04    
Chris Lizotte: Long Time Comin’ D091 C123      
Chris Lizotte: Human Kind D117 C152      
Danny Daniels: Another Shade of Blue DD01 DC01      
David Ruis: True Love MD05 MC05      
David Ruis: Let the Winds Blow MD06 MC06      
David Ruis: Break Dividing Walls MD07 MC07      
David Ruis: Sweet Mercies D141 C190      
Let Your Love Rain Down FD01 FC01      
God’s Country Worship: Real Love LD05 LC05      
God Rock: Let There Be Dancing! ND01 NC01      
Basement Choir: When I Was A Child D118 C161      
JoAnn McFatter: Magnificent Obsession C135 D102      
Jeff Searles: Inside Me D135 C181      
Kevin Prosch: Even So, Come D037 C054      
Kevin Prosch: Come To The Light D075 C103      
Kevin Prosch: Kiss The Son D157 C214      
Lower Than Angels D145 C194      
Changed By Your Glory LD01 LC01 LSB04    
Your Kingdom Come LD02 LC02 LSB05    
Jesus Alone LD03 LC03 LSB06    
Worship Festival Live D054 C080      
My Brother’s Mother: Deeper Than Skies D111 C151      
Matt Redman: Passion For Your Name D156 C213      
Rita Springer: Love Covers D158 C215      
Sleepy Ray: Under The Mighty Blood D095 C127      
Sleepy Ray: Where The Highway Turns D144 C193      

  CD Cassette Songbook SplitTrax TraxCD
  Vintage Vineyard Series
1/2. Hosanna D150 C207      
3/4. Glory D151 C208      
5/6. Draw Me Closer D152 C209      
7/8. Give Him Praise D153 C210      
9/10. Refiner’s Fire D154 C211      
11/12. My Redeemer Lives D155 C212      

  CD Cassette Songbook SplitTrax TraxCD
 Songs of the Vineyard Series
1. Hosanna D057 C019      
2. You Are Here D056 C018      
3. Come Holy Spirit D055 C017      
4. Glory D014 C020      
5. Draw Me Closer D015 C021      
6. We Welcome You D012 C016      
7. No One But You D011 C015      
8. Give Him Praise D010 C014      
9. I Want To Know You D009 C013      
10. Refiner’s Fire D027 C041      
11. Bring Your Kingdom D052 C078 O105 C082  
12. Lord Over All D063 C090 O108 C093  


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