Touching the Father’s Heart #22


Hallelujah Glory

What I love about this release is that both sets come together and compliment each other (especially in CD format), just like you are in the church worshipping live. Each track blends with the other and, taken whole, is a complete journey through modern worship. This is by far my favorite CD to play for long trips in the car, because it is formatted just like a real worship set. When I first heard the “Hallelujah Glory” track, I was somewhat surprised that I found myself worshipping with Scott Underwood playing the Harmonica, and joyously laughing out loud to God as he sings! He then does “Another Drink”, which sounds like a bar song but is pure want and desire for God’s Holy Presence. What a blessing it is, that after “Another Drink”, Scott pauses to talk with the audience, and it is so personal, just like you are in the room with him! Then he plays “New Every Morning“, a twangy country beat (saddle up!)

From there things slow a bit with “Take My Life”, a nice (and very popular song in the States) transition song, easy to sing. “Lord I Love You”, and “Greater Grace“ are intimate worship, and I cry openly when singing these ... God’s love amazes me! Then “Secret Place”, the start of Set Two, plays deep, and I mean deep, into worship. Some consider this song too personal for corporate worship, but I don't.

“Let the River Flow” must be what Job sung as he was lifted from the depths of misery to the joy of restoration, and “Find Rest” is a simple, enduring song about just resting in His righteousness. “Unfailing Love” is up-tempo, and a nice break in the flow (my daughter was born with this song playing, so it's very special to me). “Restore Me” is for the truly repentant only ... Half-hearts need not listen. Finally, “Healing Word” is an exciting song, building slowly until the chorus, and never looking back!

You definitely should own this album, and it’s great to give to a new believer!

Nick Scebba <> was saved in Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Spring Valley, California. He lives in the Traverse City Region of Northwest Lower Michigan, and attends the Living Hope Assembly Of God.

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