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This page introduces you to this web site, and all the features offered at Vineyard Music Extra!, the fanzine of Vineyard praise and worship music around the world. Click on any of the links below to go to the information you are looking for. We have kept this page deliberately plain to ensure that the search engines get the correct information about this site.

This site is all about Praise and Worship, and in particular Vineyard Music. That's why it is called “Vineyard Music Extra”, to reflect the focus on Vineyard music, but to include other streams as well. You can see the lyrics of the songs on this site, provided you have a CCLI Church Copyright Licence. We are the fanzine of Vineyard praise and worship music around the world, and used to be known as the Unofficial Vineyard Music web site for that reason. We have formed a great relationship with the guys at VMG in Anaheim, and so the ‘unofficial’ designation has fallen away.

Worship Articles

There are numerous articles about worship for worship leaders and others.

March 1996

Faithful Father: A journey into the Father’s heart — by Brian Doerksen.

January 1996

Finding Those Who are Lost: Worship and evangelism — by Mark McCoy.
How to Birth Worship Leadership: The church body hungers for the genuine heart of the Lord — by David Crabtree.

October 1993

Preparation for Leadership: Leadership isn’t about your needs; it’s about serving the needs of others. — by Brian Doerksen.
The Art of Exhortation: Helping the congregation open their hearts to God’s love — by Bob Sorge.
Dancing For the Father: Most important, a dancer must be a worshipper — by Karen Esau.

December 1987

Introduction To Worship: The divine priority is worship first and service second — by Carl Tuttle.

Other articles of interest

Silent Worship: Your first time in a Quaker meeting?
Making Worship Shine: The overhead projector is neither boring nor insignificant — by Donn Edwards.
Using Midi Files in Worship: Praise and worship songs can be effective when sequenced. — by Duane Genders.

You can also get the song lyrics if you have a Church Copyright Licence.

Album Finder

Find all the albums published by Vineyard Music Group and other music companies around the world. This list includes:

Why We Worship

04. Healing (Announced)
03. IntimacyNEW
02. HolinessNEW
01. Father

Vineyard Cafe

04. FreedomNEW
03. Comfort
02. Mercy
01. Shelter

Winds of Worship

13. Live From Seattle (Announced)
12. Live From LondonNEW
11. Live From Australia
10. Live From New England
09. Live From Sweden
08. Live From Langley, B.C. Canada
07. Live From Brownsville
06. Live From Southern California
05. Live From Arnhem, Holland
04. Live From Brighton, England
03. Live From Toronto, Canada
02. Two
01. One

Touching the Father’s Heart

37. Your Love Reaches MeNEW
36. I Just Want To Thank YouNEW
35. I Love Your Ways
34. You Shelter Me
33. You Are In Control
32. I Love Loving You
31. You Are God
30. Receive Our Praise
29. I Will Lift My Hands
28. Jesus Lead On
27. Holy Is the Lord
26. Faithful Father
25. For Your Mercy
24. Blessed Be the Name
23. Before You Now
22. Hallelujah Glory
21. Spirit of the Sovereign Lord
20. The River Is Here
19. Everlasting Grace
18. Light the Fire Again
17. Glory and Honour
16. Great Is Your Mercy **
15. Seek Righteousness **
14. Send Your Spirit **
13. Devoted To You **
12. Throne of Grace **
11. I Bow Down **
10. Save Us Oh God **
09. Take Our Lives **
08. We Behold You **
07. Hear Our Cry **
06. Fire of God **
05. King of Saints **
04. Holiness Unto the Lord **
03. We Exalt Your Name **
02. Holy and Anointed One **
01. Unto the King **

Father’s Heart Compilations

“Sneak Preview” (EP) Touching the Father’s Heart *
Seek Righteousness/Great Is Your Mercy
Devoted To You/Send Your Spirit
I Bow Down/Throne of Grace
Take Our Lives/Save Us Oh God
Hear Our Cry/We Behold You
King of Saints/Fire of God
We Exalt Your Name/Holiness Unto the Lord
Unto the King/Holy and Anointed One

Vintage Vineyard

My Redeemer Lives
Refiner’s Fire
Give Him Praise
Draw Me Closer

Songs of the Vineyard

12. Lord Over All *
11. Bring Your Kingdom *
10. Refiner’s Fire *
09. I Want To Know You *
08. Give Him Praise *
07. No One But You *
06. We Welcome You *
05. Draw Me Closer *
04. Glory *
03. Come Holy Spirit *
02. You Are Here *
01. Hosanna *

Christmas Albums

Christmas In the Vineyard NEW
A Christmas Celebration 1994
A Vineyard Christmas 1990

UK Sovereign Series

Come Now Is the Time Sovereign Series (VMG UK) #1


Change My Heart Oh God, Piano NEW
Change My Heart Oh God #3 (Announced)
Change My Heart Oh God #2
Change My Heart Oh God #1
More Love, More Power Double CD
Change My Heart Oh God For Kids #2 (Announced)
Change My Heart Oh God For Kids
Revival (Announced)
Songs of Renewal 12 Songs inspired by renewal around the world
Women In Worship Women In Worship #1 NEW
Volume Three Vineyard Collection *
Volume Two Vineyard Collection *
Volume One Vineyard Collection *
Worship & Praise 2 Best Loved Songs from the Vineyard *
Worship & Praise 1 Best Loved Songs from the Vineyard *
Volume 4: Vineyard Psalms *
Volume 3: Vineyard Psalms *
Volume 2: Vineyard Psalms *
Volume 1: Vineyard Psalms *
Volume 2: Classical Vineyard *
Volume 1: Classical Vineyard *
Contemporary Hymns and Classic Choruses *
Praise to the Holy One: Vineyard Celebration *

Acoustic Worship

06. Glory
05. I Believe In Jesus
04. Spirit Song
03. You Are the Mighty King
02. Eternity
01. Isn’t He

Independent Vineyard Albums

VCF Anaheim A Celebration of Worship
Godrock Live At Joel’s Place
Godrock Let There Be Dancing
Andrew Smith Through My Emotions
Manchester Vineyard I Long for You
Sheri Keller Better than Life
Cities Vineyard Band Fatherland
Dan Wilt Pure Heart Worship Collection 1: Pure Heart
Dan Wilt Pure Heart Worship Collection 2: Apostle's Creed
Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Fragrant Oil
Bob Baker, Steven Curtis at the Elgin Vineyard Be Exalted

Music From Other Streams

Praise Africa Forever ...
Praise Africa One Voice, One Spirit
Evan Schoombie Free To Praise
Hatfield North Africa is Burning
Praise Factory You Ride On the Clouds
Praise Factory Let Your Rain Fall
Praise Factory Praise Factory Volume 1
Jon Daniel ... And We’ll Never Be the Same NEW
Jon Daniel Revival Generation
The God Sessions The God Sessions
Canned Fish Flood
Canned Fish Swimming Upstream
The Cornerstone Band Before the Rocks Cry Out NEW
NCMI Live Worship Song of Heaven
Fini and Isi de Gersigny Run With the Fire
Fini and Isi de Gersigny Let My People Go
Fini and Isi de Gersigny Jubilee
Destiny Band Jabulani
Church Ablaze Waves of Glory
Church Ablaze Holy Spirit Come
MorningStar Fly Me Like the Wind
MorningStar In the Spirit
MorningStar Prepare the Way
MorningStar Glory
MorningStar Vision
MorningStar Warfare
MorningStar Worship

Items marked * are out of print from VMG. Limited quantities may still be available from independent suppliers. Items marked ** have been superceded by other albums, and may be out of stock.

Album Reviews

Read about the albums, or write a review of your own

You Are In Control reviewed by Charles Webster.
Live From London reviewed by Matthew Voss.
Live From Australia reviewed by Matthew Voss.
Live From London reviewed by Charles Webster.
Live From Arnhem, Holland reviewed by Bonnie Hongo.
The River is Here reviewed by Alan Page.
I Love Your Presence reviewed by Bob Romyns.
Live From Australia reviewed by Scott Spivey.
Change My Heart Oh God reviewed by Christine Theresa Gallagher.
... And We’ll Never Be the Same reviewed by Mark Tapping.
Come, Now Is the Time reviewed by Simon McMurtary.
Live From New England reviewed by NortelX.
Live From Langley, B.C. reviewed by Doug Martin.
Live From Brownsville reviewed by Mary Cassell.
Live From Arnhem, Holland reviewed by Robert Evans.
Live From Brighton, England reviewed by Ben Cheng.
Live From Toronto, Canada reviewed by Doug Martin.
Spirit of the Sovereign Lord reviewed by Doug Martin.
Shelter reviewed by Bob Rouse.
I Will Lift My Hands reviewed by Greg Reeve.
I Will Lift My Hands reviewed by Brian Woodman.
I Love Loving You reviewed by Roy Fawcett.
I Love Loving You reviewed by Nick Scebba.
I Will Lift My Hands reviewed by Mary Cassell.
Hallelujah Glory reviewed by Nick Scebba.
Light the Fire Again reviewed by Doug Martin.
King of Saints reviewed by Nick Scebba.

The Burn Service (Product Announcement: The ‘Y’ Series).
Live From Seattle (Product Announcement: Winds of Worship #13).
More Worship for Children (Product Announcement: CMH for Kids #2).
Change My Heart Some More (Product Announcement: Change My Heart Oh God #3).
Healing (Product Announcement: Why We Worship #4).
Worship and Revival (Product Announcement: Revival).
Women in Worship Live (Product Announcement: Women in Worship).
Your Love Reaches Me (Product Announcement: Father's Heart #37).
Mercy at the Fairground (Producer's Notes).
Piano Instrumental (Product Announcement: Change My Heart Oh God,Piano).
Christmas In The Vineyard (Product Announcement: Christmas In The Vineyard).
Faithful Father (The Songwriter's Perspective).

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This facility helps you to find songs on all the albums on this site.

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